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These are 54 Countries In Africa - Ncountries

Number of Countries in Africa is 54, it also has 10 non-sovereign territories which claim them independent states. these ten territories are dependent states on other nations.

Africa is the worlds second largest continent by area, it has an area of 11.7 square miles and worlds second populous continent, approx Africa population is 1.2 billion people.

Africa largest Country by Land is Algeria which has 23,81,741 sq km and the Largest Country by population is Nigeria which has 190 million people in their Country. Africa contains the world largest river, the Nile River which is 6650 km long. the largest Desert present in Africa is the Sahara Desert, which has an area of about 3.5 million square miles. the highest mountain is Mount Kilimanjaro, the largest lake is a lake Victoria.
Countries in Africa

History of Africa-

As early As 7 Million years ago, Anthropologists discovered much evidence of human Occupation in Africa. 

The Continent was populated by hunter-gatherers. Around 6000 BC, The Domestication of cattle was increasing, people started Domestication of many animals, including Donkey. Around 4000 BC, due to change in climate, Saharan started to become drier, lakes and rivers were shrinking and causing desertification.

Around 500 BC, ironworking and metalworking began widely spreading across East and West Africa. Around 3300 BC, In Ancient Egypt pharaonic Civilization rising in literacy and it was one of the Worlds earliest Civilization. Around 332 BC, European started to explore Africa, Alexander the great was in Egypt. In the 9th century AD, many dynasty states were forming: Hausa states, Ghana, Gao, and the Kanem-Bornu empire, the kingdom of NRI.

Slavery in Africa:

Between the 7th and 20th Centuries, more than 15 million African slaves were traded via trans-Saharan and Indian Ocean routes. Only Atlantic slave trade took an estimated 7- 12 million slaves in different parts of the World.

In 1820, there is a decline in the Atlantic slave trade due to less demand for slavery in other parts of the world. Between 1808 and 1860, British West African Squadron freed 1,50,000 Africans, who were present on different Continents. same anti-slavery treaties were signed between British leaders and African leaders.

European Colonization in Africa:

In the 19th Century, European powers occupied most of the African continent and start building colonial territories but they left only fully independent states in Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt, Liberia.

In 1884, the Berlin Conference was held between different powers of Europe, it was decided on that conference, Africa should have a political division in their continent but until world war 2, Europeans continue their rule and independence movements in Africa got its momentum during World War 2.

These movements weaken the European powers and African countries start getting independent. In 1951, Libya gained independence, in 1956, Tunisia and Morocco got its independence from France.

Geography of Africa-

countries in africa

The continent is surrounded by Indian ocean from the Southeast side, Atlantic ocean from west-side, Mediterranean sea from the north and red sea from the northeast.

It is separated from Asia by Isthmus of Suez (which is a 75-mile -wide strip of land) which is a boundary between Asia and Africa. Most of Africa is made up of plains, Pediplain, and Etchplain. The Etchplain are available with laterite soil and Isenberg. The Sahara, largest hot Dessert in the world ranges from Atlantic to red sea.

Main rivers of Africa, Nile ( the longest River of Africa), Conga and the Niger. largest lakes are Lake Victoria, Lake Chad which belongs to the center of the Continent.

Language Spoken in Africa-

There are five different families of language in Africa:

  • Afroasiatic language  (North Africa, Horn of Africa, Western Asia)
  • Austronesian language (Madagascar)
  • Indo-European language ( South Africa, Namibia)
  • Niger-Congo languages ( West, Central, and South Asia )
  • Nilo-Saharan languages ( Tanzania to Sudan and from Chad to Mali)

A total number of languages spoken in Africa ranges between 1250 to 2000. Nigeria alone has more than 500 languages. Most languages are of  African origin while some of them are of Asian and European origin.

In some Counties of Africa, English and French are widely used for Communications purpose in private and public place. Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian are other Languages that are also spoken in Africa but a comparison to English and French they are less spoken.

Religions Followed in Africa-

Africa has a very mixed religious population among all countries. 45 % of the population are Christians,40 % of the population are Muslim and 10 % follow traditionally the religion. A very small number of people are Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish. Judaism is another religion which is scattered in different countries of Africa, Uganda, Kenya, North Africa, Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast.

Different countries of Africa also have Irreligious people, 20% in South Africa, 13% in Togo, 13% in Mozambique, 10% in Ethiopia and Angola.  

List of Countries in Africa-

List of 54 Countries present in Africa:
   Country Name                                                                            Region

1. Nigeria                                                                                    Western Africa
2. Ethiopia                                                                                 Eastern Africa
3. Egypt                                                                                     Northern Africa
4. DR Congo                                                                             Middle Africa
5.Tanzania                                                                                 Eastern Africa
6. South Africa                                                                          Southern Africa
7. Kenya                                                                                    Eastern Africa
8. Uganda                                                                                  Eastern Africa
9. Algeria                                                                                  Northern Africa
10. Sudan                                                                                  Northern Africa
11. Morocco                                                                             Northern Africa
12. Angola                                                                               Middle Africa
13. Mozambique                                                                      Eastern Africa
14. Ghana                                                                                Western Africa
15. Madagascar                                                                        Eastern Africa
16. Côte d'Ivoire                                                                     Western Africa
17. Cameroon                                                                          Middle Africa
18. Niger                                                                                  Western Africa
19. Burkina Faso                                                                     Western Africa
20. Malawi                                                                               Eastern Africa
21. Mali                                                                                    Western Africa
22. Zambia                                                                                Eastern Africa
23. Zimbabwe                                                                           Eastern Africa
24. Senegal                                                                               Western Africa
25. Chad                                                                                   Middle Africa
26. Somalia                                                                               Eastern Africa
27. Guinea                                                                                 Western Africa
28. South Sudan                                                                        Eastern Africa
29. Rwanda                                                                               Eastern Africa
30. Benin                                                                                 Western Africa
31. Tunisia                                                                               Northern Africa
32. Burundi                                                                              Eastern Africa
33. Togo                                                                                  Western Africa
34. Sierra Leone                                                                      Western Africa
35. Libya                                                                                 Northern Africa
36. Congo                                                                                Middle Africa
37. Eritrea                                                                               Eastern Africa
38. Liberia                                                                              Western Africa
39. Central African Republic                                                  Middle Africa
40. Mauritania                                                                        Western Africa
41. Namibia                                                                            Southern Africa
42. Botswana                                                                          Southern Africa
43. Lesotho                                                                            Southern Africa
44. Gambia                                                                             Western Africa
45. Gabon                                                                               Middle Africa
46. Guinea-Bissau                                                                  Western Africa
47. Swaziland                                                                         Southern Africa
48. Equatorial Guinea                                                             Middle Africa
49. Mauritius                                                                          Eastern Africa
50. Djibouti                                                                            Eastern Africa
51. Comoros                                                                           Eastern Africa
52. Cabo Verde                                                                      Western Africa
53. Sao Tome & Principe                                                       Middle Africa
54. Seychelles                                                                       Eastern Africa

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