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How many countries in north america?

North America has 23 Countries and 8 dependent territories. North of Panama-Columbia border and the islands of the Carribean also belongs to North America. North America is the third largest Continent by area, followed by Asia and Africa. It is the fourth largest Continent by population. North America population was estimated at nearly 600 million.

The United States of America and Canada are the largest Country in North America, they cover almost 80 % of the North America landmass. Saint Kitts and Nevis are the smallest country in North America, which are only two small islands in the Carribean.

Dependent Territories in North America-

  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • Bermuda
  • Greenland
  • Turles and Caicos Islands
  • Cayman Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saint Martin
  • The United States minor outlying Island

History of North America-

It is believed that paleo-Indians( first people who entered and inhabitant America), migrated from Beringia land bridge between eastern Siberia and present-day Alaska ( around 40,000-17,000 years ago). There is another route using primitive boats, people migrated from the Pacific coast to South America. The evidence of human activity in North America is confirmed by stone tools, projectile points, and scrapers. In North America, some people are Indigenous Americans( which belong to pre-Columbia, central and South America) and some are Asian which came through eastern Siberia.

  • Cultivation in North America-
    Some small cultural area is developing on the continent, which has its own homeland, Societies, and food. The indigenous people were divided into many small groups of people. Among these groups on societies, some are Hunter-gathers, some horticulturists, some agriculturalist. during the time of the Archaic period(800 to 1000 BC), people saw a changing in the environment featuring a Warmer climate. due to this individual groups started to focus on the resources available to them locally. As the years go on, the new generation was coming, people are gathering among different cultures. they start hunting animals, fish and also start harvesting plant foods. In two regions of North America: the eastern Woodlands and Mesoamerica, people invented the process of agriculture. Aa a result they start harvesting many Crops, such as Tomatoes, squash, maize(crop). Due to the development in Agriculture, much big Civilization is growing at that time, like Maya Civilization which developed a writing system, built huge pyramids and a complex calendar.

  • Europeans Arrival in North America-
     The first physical evidence of contact between Europe and North America was done by Erik the red, who founded a colony on Greenland in 985 CE. this discovery is done by Norse or Vikings until the 1492s. Europeans were not noticed much in the continent due to fewer numbers of Europeans. In the age of discovery, an Italian sailor Christopher Columbus proposed a voyage and in 1492 he reached land in the Bahamas. After Columbus, many more explorer came to North America. john cabinet, who explored the east coast which is new Canada in 1497. Giovanni de Verrazano explored east coast from Florida to Newfoundland in 1594.

  • Colonization in North America-
     Colonization means developing large-scale population in which migrants Control the inhabitant by maintaining strong links with their ancestors former Country. European started with trade and Exploration, start maintaining colonies in different parts of North America. main powers in North America which are building their colonies were Spain, England, and France. although other powers like the Netherlands and Sweden also present on the continent. Spanish started their first settlement in North America by building colonies, their first successful settlement was Veracruz by human Cortes in 1519. they gain Control over Carribean island and conquered almost North America except some part of the continent. the first settlement by French people was a port royal (1604) and Quebec City (1608) and first settlement of colonies by English people were at Jamestown (1607). during this time, different Europeans powers making rivalry between each other which causes a series of wars in North America

  • Independence of North America-
     There are major four revolutions in North America, which make a North America an Independent Continent. Haitian Revolution, Industrial Revolution, American Revolution and the Mexican War of Independence. The American revolution took place between 1765 and 1783, it is a colonial Revolt, which had a great impact in a different region of North America. It is a major factor in the creation of the united states of America. The Haitian revolution took place between 1791- 1804. it is against an anti-slavery and anti-insurrection by slaves against French Colonial. The Mexican War of Independence was against the Spanish colonies and which ended the rule of Spanish in 1824 in Mexico.

Geography of North America-

North America occupies the northernmost of the Western Hemisphere which is bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Atlantic Ocean on the East. The Caribbean Sea, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on the south and the Arctic Ocean on the North. The Central and Southern portion of North America is Covered by the United States, Mexico and numerous smaller states in central America.
The Northern left of the continent is Covered mostly by Canada and the northeastern portion occupied by Greenland. the North-Western portion, which is covered by Alaska. North America also occupies so many Islands, like the Bahamas, tunks, and Caicos, the Geater and the Lesser Antilles, the Aleutian Islands. these group of small Islands called Archipelago. Greenland is the Worlds largest island which is present in North America and the Islands of Carribean also came under North America.

Religion in North America-

In North America, Christianity is the largest religion approx 77% of the population considered themselves Christians. The united states have the largest Christian population, approx 247 Million Christians are present only in the US, which is maximum for any country in the world. Canada, Mexico, and the United States also have Jews (6 Million), Buddhists (3.8 Million) and Muslims (3.4 Million). Most of the Jews are found in the US, Mexico, and Canada. The United States has the largest Muslim Population in North America with 207 Million people.

List of Countries in North America-

 Country                                                        Capital                

Antigua and Barbuda                               Saint John's

Bahamas                                                    Nassau

Barbados                                                    Bridgetown

Belize                                                       Belmopan

Canada                                                       Ottawa

Costa Rica                                               San Jose

Cuba                                                       Havana

Dominica                                               Roseau

Dominican Republic                                Santo Domingo

El Salvador                                               San Salvador

Grenada                                                       Saint George's

Guatemala                                               Guatemala City

Haiti                                                       Port-au-Prince

Honduras                                               Tegucigalpa

Jamaica                                                       Kingston

Mexico                                                       Mexico City

Nicaragua                                               Managua

Panama                                                       Panama City

Saint Kitts and Nevis                                Basseterre

Saint Lucia                                                Castries

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines                 Kingstown

Trinidad and Tobago                                  Port of Spain

United States of America                          Washington, D.C.

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