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Largest Cities in the World (2019)

1. Tokyo

Tokyo is the most populous city in the world with 37.4 million people. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. it has 23 special wards, which have a population of more than 9 million. If we include the greater Tokyo area, which is the worlds most populous metro plan area, then Tokyo has more than 38 million people. Tokyo has 42 Representatives and 11 councilors. it has a Metropolitan area of 844 square miles and a metro area of 5240 square miles. Tokyo is the 11th most expensive city in the world.

2. Delhi

Delhi has a population of 29.3 Million, which is the second largest city in the world. Delhi is the capital of the country India and its official name is National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT). The National capital territory of Delhi (NCT) was formed in February 1992. Delhi covers a land area of 1.484 square kilometers. it shares a boundary with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh states by India. only Delhi city has an economy of 110 Billion Dollar. Delhi becomes the most polluted city in the world. it has eleven districts and thirty-three subdivisions. Hindi is the most spoken language with 84.92 % in Delhi, followed by Urdu, Bengali, and Punjabi.

3. Shanghai

Shanghai becomes the largest city in China in terms of population. It has 26.3 Million people in the entire city. It is located in Eastern China and it's on the Yangtze river delta. Shanghai has 16 Districts, 210 towns, and subdistricts. In 2010, Shanghai has a population of 23 million, in which 90 % are Urban and 10.7 % are Rural. Shanghai has a large number of registered foreigners, Japanese, Americans, and Korean. Shanghai has the Worlds busiest container ports which transport many big containers.

4. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is situated in the Southeast region of Brazil. It is the most populous city in entire Brazil with 21.8 million people. Out of which, 60.6 % of white people, 30.5 % of pardo people, 6.5 % of black people, 2.2 % of Asian people and 0.2 % of Amerindian people live in Sao Paulo. It has 47.4 % male and 52.6 % female in a population. Sao Paulo is the largest city in the world, which speak Portuguese. It has the largest economy by GDP in Latin America.

5. Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico country. It has a population of 21.6 million, which is the most populated city in North America. Mexico city has a land area of 1485 square kilometers. It is located in central Mexico. Mexico becomes the largest Spanish speaking city in the world. Mexico City is home to a large number of immigrants. only 7,00,000 US Americans are living in Mexico City. the city has people from South America ( Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and Venezuela), the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe. 82 % of the residents are Roman Catholic in Mexico city.

6. Cairo

Cairo city is the largest city in Egypt and also it is the capital city of Egypt. it has 20.4 million people in the entire city. Cairo has a land area of 3,085 square kilometers. The city is mainly associated with ancient Egypt, Giza Pyramid complex a Memphis.     It has the worlds second-oldest institution for learning, Al-Azhar     University. Cairo has the metro, which is one of two in Africa and Cairo metro is the 15th busiest in the world, with over 1 billion passengers rides annually.

7. Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. with over 20.2 million people, it is the most populous city in Bangladesh and worlds seventh-largest city by population. Dhaka city is bounded by different rivers. Turag river, Dhaleshwari river, Shitalakshya river, and Buriganga river. In 2013, Dhaka has over 15 million people but the population is growing estimated 4.2 % per year, which also increases the literacy rate of Dhaka. Most numbers of people speak Bengali in the city. Islam is the most dominant religion with 90 % of the population.

8. Mumbai

Mumbai has a more than 20.1 million people in the entire city, which makes it an 8th largest city in the World by population. It is the capital city of the Indian state 'Maharashtra'. Mumbai had a land area of more than 4,355 square kilometers. It was named as an alpha world city. In 2008, it has the maximum number of billionaires and millionaires among all cities of India, that's why it called the wealthiest city of India. Back in history, Mumbai is the home for the largest population of Parsis in the entire world. Mumbai have Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Christians, and Sikhs.

9. Beijing

Beijing City located in Northern China. it is the capital of China, which has over 20 Million people. Beijing ranked in China after Shanghai in terms of population. It is a global center for economy, business, education, and finance. it has the headquarters of most of the China state-owned companies. it has some world biggest institution, Beijing is also a major hub for the national highway, railway, expressway, and high-speed rail network. it has the second busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic.

10. Osaka

Osaka is the tenth largest city in the World, by population.it has 19.2 million people in the city. it is located in the Kansai region of Japan. Osaka city is the capital Osaka prefecture. It has a land area of 223 square kilometers. In Osaka, 99,775 are registered foreigners in which Chinese (11,848) and Korean (71,015) are present. The language commonly spoken in Osaka is Osaka-ben.

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