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Largest Island In The World (2019)

An Island is a land surrounded by water. here you will get to know worlds largest island, Greenland island which have an area of 2.1 million square kilometers. List of top largest Island is given below-

1. Greenland-

 Greenland has an area of 2.1 million square kilometers. It is an Independent Country, which has a boundary between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. It has a population of about 56,480. most of the people in Greenland live in Nuuk City, which is the capital and largest city of Greenland. The island also has a worlds largest National park, Northeast Greenland National Park (375,000 square miles ). Greenland is a very Cold place with a sheet of Ice and the average daily temperature of the city Nuuk ranges from -8 to 7-degree Celsius. Gunnbjorn field is the highest point on Greenland Island which is at 37,00 m.

2. New Guinea-

new guinea

New Guinea is the second largest Island in the world which has a land area of 785,753 square kilometers. It has a population of 11,306,940 in whole Island. New Guinea is present on the North of Australia and on the Western side of  New Guinea, Papua andWest Papua Island. New Guinea has the highest peak of a mountain in the whole Oceania, at 4884 meters, which is Puncak Jaya.

3. Borneo-


Borneo is the thirds largest Island in the world. It has an area of 743,330 square kilometers.

The population of Borneo island is 29,258,00. Borneo is an Island which is divided into three Countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunel. to the North of Borneo, Malaysia and Brunel are present and to the south, Indonesia is present. 73 % of the island is located in Indonesia and 26 % of the island is located in Malaysia. The largest river in Borneo is Kapuas, which is 1000 km long. It also has some Worlds longest underground river. Borneo has the oldest Rainforests in the world, which is 140 million years old, that makes it an evolution of different species of plants and animals.

4. Madagascar-

Madagascar island has an area of 587,040 square kilometers in which 581,540 square kilometers of land area and 5,500 square kilometers of water. It is the fourth largest Island in the earth. It is present in the Indian Ocean, East of Mozambique. Capital and largest city of Madagascar is Antananarivo. Maromokotra is the highest point in Madagascar, in the Tsaratanva region at 2,876 meters. It is called the Great red Island because of the red lateritic soils.

5. Baffin Island-

Baffin Island has an area of 507,451 square kilometers. It is the fifth largest Island in the world and largest Island in Canada. 13,148 is the population of Baffin Island. William Buffin was the first person who discovered this island, that's why its name is Baffin Island. It is located into the Canadian territory of Nunavut ( Nunavut is the western territory of Canada). Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut. Mount Odin is the highest peak of the island, at a height of 2,143 meters. two largest lakes on the Baffin Island are Nettiling Lake and Amadjnak lake.

6. Sumatra-

Sumatra Island is located in Indonesia and it is the Sixth-largest island in the world. It has an area of 473,481 square kilometers. The Indian Ocean is present on the west side of Sumatra Island. Medan is the largest and most developed city in Sumatra. The island is the largest producer of coffee like Arabic Coffee, Indonesia Coffee. more than 52 languages are spoken in Sumatra and 87 % of the population is Muslim, 10.7 % are Christians and less than 2 % are Buddhist in the Island.

7. Honshu-

Honshu Island is located in Japan and it is the largest Island of Japan, which have an approx population of 104,000,000. It is the seventh-largest Island in the World. With an area of 227,960 square kilometers. Honshu Island is located North of Shikoku and South of Hokkaido. Honshu is connected by the tunnels and bridges to the Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku Island. Mount Fuji is the highest peak at 3,776 meters of Honshu Island. Shinano River which is the longest River of Japan flows through this Island.

8. Victoria Island-

Victoria Island is Canada's second largest island and worlds eighth largest island. it has an area of 217,291 square kilometers. it shares boundary between Nunavut and Northwest Territories of Canada. 2162 is the population of Victoria Island. Shaler mountains are the highest point of Victoria Island, which is at 655 meters.

9. Great Britain-

 Great Britain is the largest European Island and Ninth-largest island in the World. it has an area of 209,331 square kilometers. Great Britain island has a population of more than 61 million. England, Scotland, and Wales are the major Country in Great Britain. The Island is situated on the north-west Coast of Europe. Britain on one side is separated by the North Sea and on the other side by English channel ( It is a body of Water, which separates Southern England from France). Britain has the longest undersea rail tunnel in the World, which joins Britain with France called Channel tunnel. Edinburgh, Cardiff, and London are the Capitals of Scotland, Wales, and England.

10. Ellesmere Island-

Ellesmere Island has an area of 196,235 square kilometers. It is the tenth largest island in the world and third largest island in Canada. The Ellesmere island is separated by Jones Sound, Cardigan Strait on the Southside. Eureka Sound, Nansen Sound on the Westside. According to the Demographics of 2016, there are only 196 people live in the Island.

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