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Largest Religion in the World (2019) - Ncountries

As we all know, Religion is a cultural structure which has practices, morals, ethics, views that relates human being to some supernatural or spiritual elements.
There are more than 10,000 distinct religions in the world but 80 % of the world population is connected to one of the five largest religion in the world. Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or forms of folk religion.

List of Major Religions

   Religion                                                          Population

   Christianity                                                     2.4 Billion 
   Islam                                                                 1.8 Billion
   Secular/Nonreligious                                    1.2 Billion
   Hinduism                                                        1.15 Billion               
   Buddhism                                                        521 Million
   Folk Religion                                                   394 Million

Christianity ( 2.4 billion followers )

Christianity is the biggest religion in the World. around 2.4 billion people follow the Christian religion. Christianity is an Abrahamic religion which is totally based on the life and teachings of Jesus or Jesus of Nazareth. people believe that Jesus is the son of God and savior of all people. Christianity has the four largest branches.

Catholic Church ( 1.3 Billion )

Protestantism (920 Million )

Eastern Orthodox Church ( 260 million )

Oriental Orthodoxy ( 86 Million )

In 1920, there are 600 million Christians in the world but in 2011, it is more than 2.19 billion. Some study suggests that it will be expected to be 3 billion by 2050. Christians have a 33 % share of the world's population which means that everyone one out of three-person on earth are Christians. the average Christians fertility rate globally is 2.7 children per women. According to the report, some religious switching is also projected, which convert 2.7 million people to Christianity annually. so, it is the fastest growing religion in the world.

It is the most popular religion in the world, which is popular in Europe, South America, North America, Central America, southern Africa, East Africa, Oceania, and the Philippines. Christianity in different forms is the state religion of some nations: Tuvalu, Armenia, Argentina, Tonga, England, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Vatican City, Zambia, and Monaco.

Christians by Continent

Continent                                                             Countries

Europe                                                              565,560,000
Latin America and the Caribbean              531,280,000
Africa                                                              526,016,926
Asia                                                              285,120,000
North America                                              266,630,000
Oceania                                                               25,754,000
Middle East-North Africa                  12,000,000–16,000,000

Islam ( 1.8 Billion )

Islam becomes the second largest religion in the World. It has over 1.8 billion followers which are 24 % of the world's population.

Islam is an Abrahamic, universal religion which teaches there is only one God 'Allah' and Muhammad is the messenger of that God. The followers of Islam are called Muslims. Islam teaches to people that God is merciful, unique and powerful. The main scriptures of Islam are the Quran. most of the Muslims are one of the types :

Sunni (75-90 %)
Shia (10-20 %)

The number of Muslims in 1990 is only 200 million which increases to 551 million in 1970 and tripled to 1.8 billion by 2015. Approx 57 countries in the world have Muslim-majority and Arab states account for 20 % of all Muslim population in the World.

Major Muslim followers live in Africa and Asia. Approx 62 % of world Muslims live in Asia. other major areas like Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, Turkey, and Iran also have a great extent of Muslim followers.

Islam in Different Regions

Regions                                                             Muslim Percentage

Indonesia                                                                    13 %
South-Asia                                                                  31 %
Middle East- North Africa                                       20 %
Sub-Saharan Africa                                                   15 %

According to some study, it is claimed that Islam becomes the largest religion in the World by the year 2050. Islam is growing faster than any major religion in the world. they will attain a 73 % increase by 2050. Muslims have a fertility rate of 3.1 as a comparison to the world average of 2.5. Islam has the maximum number of followers under the age of 15 (34 % followers ) while Christians have 27 % followers under the age of 15. Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth. 

Non-Religion/Secular (1.2 Billion )

A secular word derived from the Latin word 'Saeculum'. Secularity is a condition in which someone is separate from religion or not allied with or against any particular religion. the idea of Secular originated in the European countries. conceptions of what is religion and what is not religion vary in different parts of the world. some people do not follow any religion but they have belief in some supernatural phenomenon or natural phenomenon.

In East Asia, the same thing is defined as the Irreligion or no Religion, according to study, 16 % of the world population in 230 countries is not affected by religion or we say they do not follow any religion. as per a study, it will decrease to 13% in the coming years ( by 2060 ).

If we look region wise, then 7 % of Chinese are unaffiliated to any religion, 30 % of French are unaffiliated and 68 % of U.S are unaffiliated. If we look globally, 76 % of people have a 
residence in Asia and the Pacific, 12 % in Europe, 5 % in North America, 4 % in Latin America.

List of Country by Non-religious Population

      Country                                                     % of Population

 Czech Republic                                                  75
 Estonia                                                                  70
 Netherlands                                                  68
 Vietnam                                                          63
 Denmark                                                          61
 Sweden                                                                  54
 The United Kingdom                                          53
 Albania                                                                  52
 Japan                                                                  52
 Azerbaijan                                                          51
 China                                                                  51
 Russia                                                                  48
 Belarus                                                                  48
 Uruguay                                                          47

Hinduism ( 1.15 Billion)

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and it is the world third largest religion. the followers of Hinduism is known as Hindu. they constitute 1.15 billion followers which are 15-16 % of the World population.

Hinduism is widely practiced in Indian sub-continent and parts of Southeast Asia. Scholars regard Hinduism as a synthesis. It is originated between 500 BCE and 300 BCE, after the end of the Vedic Period. Hindu texts are divided into Sruti and Smriti. these texts have Vedic, Philosophy, Mythology, Yajua, Yoga and temple building. Some of the Major Scriptures of Hinduism are Vedas and Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, and Agamas. According to Hindu beliefs, there are four Purusathas:

Dharma ( Ethics/Duties )
Artha ( Prosperity/Work )
Kama ( Desire/passion )
Moksha (Liberation/Freedom from death )

If we see demographically, then after Christianity and Islam, Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. It is a major religion in India and 78 % of the population in India follow Hinduism which is 960 million. Nepal has 23 million followers, Bangladesh has 15 million followers and the Indonesian Island of Bali has 3.9 million followers.

Hinduism by Country

 Country                                                            Percentage

 Nepal                                                                   81.3%
 India                                                                    79.8%
 Mauritius                                                            48.5%
 Guyana                                                                28.4%
 Fiji                                                                        27.9%
 Bhutan                                                                22.6%
 Suriname                                                            22.3%
 Trinidad and Tobago                                       18.2%
 Qatar                                                                   13.8%
 Sri Lanka                                                            12.6%
 Bangladesh                                                         8.5%
 RĂ©union                                                              6.7%
 United Arab Emirates                                      6.6%
 Malaysia                                                              6.3%
 Kuwait                                                                  6%
 Oman                                                                   5.5%
 Singapore                                                             5%

Institutions in Hinduism


According to Hinduism, A Hindu temple is home of God. it is the place which connects human beings and gods together. Hindu temples are formed in many styles, two major styles of the temple: the Gopuram style which is found in south India and Nagara style which is found in North India. some other styles are caves, forest.


In Hinduism, Ashrama represents the bachelor student stage of a human. The life of a Hindu divided into four Asramas:

Brahmacharya (Student)
Grihastha ( Householder)
Vanaprastha ( Retired)
Sannyasa ( Renunciation)


Buddhism has over 520 million followers which are over 7 % of the world population. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion. people who follow Buddhism are known as Buddhists.

Buddhism is originated in ancient India between the 6th and 4th centuries ( BCE). It is widely spread in Asia. The teaching
of Buddhism is done by Buddha who is born as Siddharth Gautam also known as Sakyamuni. his personal name is 'Gautama'. there are two major branches of Buddhism:


Theravada is widespread across southeast Asia in Myanmar, Thailand and in Srilanka also. The Mahayana spread from India south to East Asian Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore. In Mahayana, there is a tradition of pure land, Zen, Nichiren Buddhism, Shingon. The main Tradition of Buddhist is to make people so that they overcome the suffering and cycle of death, rebirth.


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