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Most Expensive City In The World (2019)

According to the Survey of Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which compared the prices of more than 150 items in 133 different cities. There are three cities in the world, marked as the most expensive city in the world. Paris, Singapore, and Hongkong.

most expensive city

Most Expensive Cities

- Singapore
- Paris
- Hongkong
- Seoul
- New York
- Zurich
- Geneva


Singapore City has more than 56.1 lakh people. The city has the most expensive cocktail in entire Asia and also the city provides the Manicure/Pedicure at a very high cost. Singapore is also expensive due to its food range. Some major factors which make Singapore the most expensive city to live in Asia: Subsidised Housing, Expensive Paper, Expensive food, cab fares, Expensive Weddings, and Expensive iPhones.
Some major expenses in Singapore (  1 SGD = 0.73 USD)
    Basic Lunch with Drink                                 SGD $12
    Combo meal in fast food                                SGD $8
    One liter of fat milk                                          SGD $3.02
    12 Eggs                                                                   SGD $3.74
    1 kg of tomatoes                                                 SGD $3.11
    1 Bottle of red table wine                                SGD $33
    Internet 8 MBps (1 month)                            SGD $41
    40" flat screen TV                                              SGD $621
    Laundry detergent                                            SGD $10    


Paris is also an expensive city due to the high cost of entertainment and clothes. The grocery and goods product which are available in the supermarket are also expensive. Paris city is effective for smokers and drinkers, as compared to other EU countries.

A bottle of table wine in Paris has an average of 10.35 dollar and the same bottle of wine in Singapore and Seoul have 23.68 dollars and 26.54 dollars. The prices of real state in Paris is also increasing day by day. If you want to rent an apartment in Paris then it will cost 25-35 euro per square kilometer, It is higher than in other cities.

some major factor which makes the Paris most expensive city to live in Europe: Expensive Food, Cars, Apartment and Costlier Good in Supermarket. Some major expenses : 
( 1 Euro = 1.13 dollar)

  Basic Lunchtime menu                                 15      Euro
  Combo meal (fast food)                                 8       Euro
  500 gr of boneless chicken                            7      Euro
  one liter fat milk                                               1.14  Euro
  12 eggs                                                                   4       Euro
  one kg of tomatoes                                           3.10 Euro
  Internet 8 Mbps (month)                              21     Euro
  40" flat screen TV                                            359   Euro
  Laundry Detergent                                           7       Euro


Hongkong City has a high price of food, Rent, Clothing. Hongkong has the Worlds most expensive milk price for 1 liter and also the price of the egg is too high in Hongkong. you have to pay 35-50 HK dollar per square foot for rent in Hongkong. There is too much hike in the prices of fuel and also schooling is extremely expensive but you will get cheap food here. The taxi in Hongkong starts at 22 HK dollars and for every 1 kilometer, they charge 8 HK Dollar. Some major expenses ( 1 HK = 0.13 USD):

 Basic Lunchtime                                               HK  $88
 Combo Meal (Fast Food)                               HK  $41
 500 gr Boneless chicken breast                  HK  $45
 One Litre of Fat milk                                       HK  $26
 12 Eggs                                                                  HK  $34
 Internet 8 Mbps (1 month)                           HK  $188
 40" flat screen TV                                            HK  $4091 
 Laundry detergent                                           HK  $74


Seoul city is located in South Korea. The city has more than 9. 8 million people. If a single person wants to live in Seoul then average expensive is 1000 dollar without rent. some other expenses of Seoul city like the housing of 400 square feet will cost you 800 dollar to 8000 dollars. Mobile and Internet cost you 70 dollar per month for 20 GB data at the speed of 4G. Health care in Seoul is cheap and Gas, electricity, and heating in Korea are also Cheap due to Nuclear power plants available in Korea. Some Major Expenses:
( 1 KRW = 0.00085 USD)

  Basic Lunchtime menu                               9205      KRW
  Combo meal (fast food)                             6326       KRW
  500 gr of boneless chicken                        5019       KRW
  One liter fat milk                                         2625         KRW
  12 eggs                                                               4113        KRW
  Internet 8 MBps (month)                         28250     KRW
  Utilities 1 month                                        124,365     KRW

New York

New York City has a population of more than 90 lakh which is the most expensive city in the US. A single person has spent 1300 dollar without rent in New York City. the Median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is 2499 dollar and one bedroom apartment is 1800 dollar a month. The Average utility in the New-york city is 145 dollar. it includes heating, electricity, water, and garbage. On average, groceries in New York will cost you 471 dollar per month.

In New York, parking is much expensive as compare to other cities. People pay 600 dollars per month for parking only. Public transport is also very expensive in the city.some expenses in New York:

  One bottle of red table wine                             $ 17
  500 gr of local cheese                                         $ 8
  One Kg of Apples                                                  $ 4.11
  Bread for 2 people                                               $ 2.68
  Utilities One month                                             $ 126
  Internet 8 Mbps (1 month)                               $ 57  


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. it has more than 1 million people. The average cost of living per person is 1300 dollar. If you want to take a flat on rent then it will cost 1500 dollar per month. Transport in Zurich city is not too much expensive, it is 80 dollar per month only. In terms of Education, Switzerland is affordable. Zurich City has some best Universities of World. Some major expenses:

     Basic lunchtime                                             CHF   25
     Combo meal (fast food)                              CHF   14
     500 gr Boneless chicken                            CHF   13
     12 eggs                                                               CHF   8
     One kg Potatoes                                            CHF   2.35
     Internet 8 MBps (month)                          CHF   41


In Geneva City, taxes are low but Insurance, service, and food are expensive. The average cost of living for a person is 1200 dollar without rent. If you want to rent an apartment of two bedrooms in Geneva then you have to pay 2000 dollar per month. The Transport cost in Geneva is 468 dollar per month and Groceries will cost 458 dollars per month.

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